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I recently received the following email from a friend. The only thing I did was click on the link. the page it sends you to is a sign in page to create an account to do business with the company. On that page they state that not only will you receive no unsolicited emails but that they will not save your password! I immediately began receiving emails from Nomorerack including one that contained MY password!!!!

I emailed a complaint to the company as not only did I discover that my friend never sent the email (I’ve known them for 20 years and we are very close so who do ya think I’m going to believe them or the corporation?), and have still not received a reply. Imagine that! Next time I am in New York I will pay them a personal visit and see how much they like having their time wasted as well as maybe gather some friends to protest in front of their business. everyone should use this tactic when available and SHOP LOCAL!!!!

Oh and I should mention that I never received the initial email about the supposed $10 gift certificate in the first place!

Hi Aaron,

Last week, I sent you $10 gift card. If you’re considering taking a look at nomorerack, I would suggest that you don’t wait much longer because it expires in 48 hours.

With my referral link below, you will instantly get that $10, I can make $10 (thanks to you) and your registration will be instant (sweet!).


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Tgrying to "unsubscibe from Nomorerack and unable to do so.
My friends are complaing to me about thembeing contacted by Nomorerack and they are very unhappy.
I am very unhappy with this outfit.

Hi, We are so sorry to hear about the trouble with your order. At NMR, nothing is more important than a perfect shopping experience. Our customer relations team is around 24/7, to help resolve your issue with our "Make It Great Guarantee" Policy. We can’t promise we are perfect, but what we do promise under our "Make It Great" guarantee is that we will diligently resolve your issue and aim to turn you in to a raving fan! To help us fix this issue for you, could you please e-mail us your order number & details at : ?… Read more »

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