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My husband and our daughter were shopping at the Louisburg Wal-Mart on 2-22-13. After standing in a long line my daughter was feeling faint. She is 3 months pregnant. There were 2 employees sprawled on the customers bench in front Everyone including the cashier was shouting at the employees to get up. They did not move or assist. My daughter fell over hitting her head on the edge of the metal on the bench. They still did not move.

I was told by an employee that they have an area in back they are required to sit. This bench was for customers only. There was no room for my daughter to sit. But fall to the floor.

We have been a faithful Wal-Mart customer for many years. She had planned to buy her baby furniture there that she liked. We will be buying it at a competitors department store. We will be seeking an attorney. It could have been fatal to her and the baby this was uncalled for.

I did not complain to the local management for they never take complaints serious.

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i was at a wal mart to buy a battery! the guy behind the counter informed me that.there was a 12 dollar core charge. on a 19 dollar battery! what happen”s if your not useing that battery for a car!! say your useing it for a back up system on lights?you wouldnt have a now what! .i got pay 12 dollars core to keep a battery out of a landfill .that i dont have?dosent make sense to me !!!


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