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I have been a loyal Cell South now CSpire customer for several years. For most of these years, I’ve had the $79.99/39.99 nationwide unlimited talk/text/data plan for myself and my daughter. When they changed from Cell South, I was told that CSpire would honor this plan because it was grandfathered in.

Lately I have had several tell me that CSpire was taking every opportunity to force customers to change to a more expensive plan but I had no problem until last week when my daughter received a text from CSpire informing her that she had exceeded the “off network usage” for her plan. Recently my daughter temporarily relocated to East Louisiana, just outside of the CSpire network area.

Suddenly, the nationwide unlimited plan that I’ve been paying for for years is no longer nationwide nor unlimited. I called last Friday and spoke with a customer service agent who told me he could add roaming minutes to my plan for an additional $10/month. It really aggravated me that I had to pay extra for roaming minutes when I was already paying for an unlimited nationwide plan but I agreed because it will be only temporary.

Today I receive a call from a different “customer service” agent who told me there was no record of me talking to anyone last week and there was no way these roaming minutes could’ve been added to my plan because I already have an unlimited plan. She also informed me that unless my daughter returns to the service area immediately, her plan will automatically drop to a 750 minute talk with a data cap and any overage will be charged .05 per min.

I would like any information anyone has about joining a class action lawsuit against CSpire concerning their false advertising and under handed customer service.

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Learn to read! CSpires terms and conditions are very clear that if you don’t place the majority of your calls on their network you are in violation of your contract. Your daughter broke the rules. Stop trying to blame someone else for your lack of ability to read.

I will join in on that!

I just posted the same suggestion on another complaint site ! Lets do it……..they are absolutely horrible.I don’t think I have ever dealt with a company that lies and misleads the way they do. Here is my e mail I have already sent a request to an attorney this morning to see what it takes to get a class action suit going. As consumers…we need to stand up to companys like this !!


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