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I ordered the Nutribullet on line. I did not receive the large recipe book. I just received the recipe book that looks like a pamphlet. The recipes are WAY TOO BIG for the large cup not to mention the smaller cups. I even tried cutting the recipes in half and they still came above the maximum line. My NutriBullet has leaked right from the start. What a mess! Years ago I learned a trick from a friend who has raised his boat a couple times from the bottom of the Chesapeake Bay. He has rinsed the salt water off all his electronics (like his TV) with a hose, let them air dry before using them again and then they would work.

After my NutriBullet leaked, I assumed it was my fault and I was afraid the sticky juices would ruin the motor so while holding my NutriBullet over the sink, I poured a glass of filtered water in it until it ran clear from the bottom and then set it on paper towels to air dry. I did this for a couple of days and realized that no matter how little I put into the large cup it still leaked. My husband said I didn’t tighten it enough. (You know, “Operator Error”.) I was only able to tighten it enough once where it didn’t leak. My husband did it twice. I decided to give the system to my daughter who is stronger than I am and told her what to do if it leaked. Now from reading all the complaints about the unit leaking, I see that it wasn’t “Operator Error”. Not that I am glad about that because the IDEA of the machine is great. Sounds to me that they need to create a machine that will not only do what it claims to do but needs to last 25 years and they also need to get some customer service AND get their recipes correct.

My daughter said she liked the idea of not having to throw out all the fiber because not only should you use the whole fruit as **** intended but it is saving money because of the lack of waste. BUT she also said that you have to chew it as you drink it which means it isn’t liqufying the ingredients as it was supposed to. So according to all the complaints I have read, I guess she won’t be using it for long.

I am currently using my Vitamix. I’ll have to check our credit card statements to make sure they aren’t charging more than they are supposed to like some of you have written. I won’t even bother trying to get a refund because I don’t want the headaches the rest of you have had with the customer service. At my age, you realize that life is too short.

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My nutribullet . . . LEAKS! It even mixes rust into the smoothy! Yum. What a disappointing product. These guys are basically scam artists. My Mom has the same problems with hers. Mine finally died – so I will recycle it and look for a different brand. Buying any nutribullet products is like flushing your money down the sink. So, if you have an extra $200 bucks – just give it to me instead!!

Just did 2 days of start up blast. 1 banana, 1/2 avocado, 1/2 pair, 1/2 Apple, radishes, raw, yuk, spinach, which I did’nt like washing, raw walnuts, and almonds from the special section at the market, and used the nutribullet machine. It worked as said. I have been all my life a meat and potatoes, beacon and egg, guy, but I though I would suppliment half my diet with the new extraction program. So far so good. I think if you don’t hold down the jar in the blender right, it is bound to destroy all the bushinigs inthe extractor,… Read more »

When I saw the juice coming from the bottom of the nutribullet I checked to see where it is coming from. There is a hole on the top of the machine through which the overflowing juice from the jar is going down and coming out of the base (bottom of the bullet). It is a health hazard in my opinion. Bacteria can grow inside the machine over time as the juice is highly rich.

i have the same leaking problem with my nutribullet after a several months… started to get too noisy and next thing leaking really bad… i am disappointed ;(

When purchased brand new , you have to seat the seals on each chopping and milling and extractor blade assembly .
For the first 3 uses fill cup only to one third and add one third water , oil the seal and threads ( with vegetable oil ) much easier , when putting blade assembly together with the cup . Use a dish towel to assist in handling the cup and blade part . Mix with short intervals . These actions will season and seat the seals and help prevent leakage . Vitally

Mine leaked the second time I used it and has continued to do so! VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!!! Actually I find this ridiculous for the amount of money that was paid. :(

My nutribullet started leaking after 3 months of everyday use. I loved it but I need to find a product which will last my 2-3 green smoothies a day without leaking.

My Nutri-bullet leaks as well. I too, at first, figured I was not tightening it properly due to arthritis in my fingers but my 23 year old daughter has the same problem with my nutri bullet. This started about 4 months after I had used the machine. I do use it every morning. How sad. I have seen how my diabetes has went down due to so many vegetables but now I can’t use it anymore. I have ordered a new set of the cups and extractor blade and we shall see if that leaks after a few months. Terrible.

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