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i rented a house on 2224 n weller ave in Springfield mo. the house had only a few storms windows and they were not sealed good, the others had none. i requested they fix them and they replayed they could no.  we also notice a bad smell from under the house, it smelled like sewer.

Nothing was done.

The extra bed room where we only had room to sleep had no insulation in the ceiling and nothing was done about that.

There was no rail on the steps to help my wife down, ’cause she is disabled.

The furnace seemed to continually kick in even though it just went off, and came back on even when it wasn’t that cold, but run us up a high heating bill every month.

When you turn on the lights it took it a few seconds or so to come on.

We also had a blood test done at mt Vernon for me, I kept getting sick from the water, and was afraid that something was wrong since we always smelled sewer water.

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