Scam artists at Monster Aeration - Monster Aeration

Monster is setting up special deals with every deal finders and social living web sites. It is physically impossible for this company to fulfill its obligations.

They will not answer any emails or calls, this is ridiculous.

These web sites that are allowing him to sell these many contracts should be doing something about this. This company is relying on people not to care about their 50 dollar purchase and its not big enough to go to the police.

This is a Scam Artist 101

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On October 31, 2013, the government of Alberta issued a Director’s Order against Monster Aeration and it’s owner for unfair practices under the Alberta Fair Trading Act. These practices include entering into a consumer transaction when the supplier knows or ought to know that the consumer is unable to receive reasonable benefit, saying or doing something that may reasonably deceive or mislead a consumer and representing that the supplier can supply goods or services when they are unable to do so. – See more at:

Joshua Roberts and Kerri Studd are not just scam artists – They are thieves. We purchased a spring clean up package in November and paid over $300 no show, no refund and no responses to many emails. Interesting about J.R. Contracting – and appalling that these people continue to get away with common theft.

I have the same situation as the other reviewers. I bought a buytopia deal for a spring clean up. I called to book an appt, and they called back, saying that they had to ‘cancel’ all deals because they weren’t paid. They said they would do the service for twice the amount of the coupon, and told me they would give me a ‘deal’ by adding fertilizer. The person on the phone pretended to ‘ask’ her boss, which was completely bogus. I was also going to have them do weekly cut and trim. They have yet to cut my lawn!… Read more »
My fiance and I just bought a house in October last year. The previous owners rented the house and as such the lawn was in disrepair. We purchased a spring cut and care service from Monster Aeration back in October last year. This spring they canceled on us 4 times without letting us know. We got fed up, and our lawn was already a foot long waiting for them to cut it, so we asked for our money back. They promised us our money back on 3 separate occasions and never followed through. They never answer the phone and never… Read more »

I agree, we bought a groupon last fall for fall cleanup. They said something about the snow so it was too late and delayed till spring. We even bought an additional power rake and they will not return our calls either. They really are scam artists. Good thing Groupon will give us a refund but the money we paid out of pocket is done.

Brutal, even living social posted they would refund the money so it says hit "claim refund" on their page….but funny enough the page has no "claim refund" button on there. Both living social and monster aeration should be taken to court and those idiots should have to come so our lawns for free. Brutal, hard earned money in an expensive city and bullshit like this happen, hope they rot in jail. Not smart enough to get a real job so they sucker hard working people out of their money.

The names of the owners of this company is Kerri Lynn Studd and Joshua Roberts. If anyone wants to pursue legal action against them…They are total scam artists !!!!

After numerous empty promises, still no resolution. No phone calls or e-mails are now answered, have been awaiting a refund for months, almost certain that I have lost the $200+ that I paid last November for services that were never completed. I would be interested in persuing legal action..

you I am also looking for people to take them to small claims court with absolute crooks!

Agree. Same thing happened to me. Total scam


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