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Website does not openly disclose terms & conditions for in-store only promo price being for “new activation” only.

After being one of their original customers in the Tampa Bay Area (back from 2004), I decided to get myself a 4G LTE phone when I saw it advertised for $49 In-store only.

I figured that I could afford that and give my husband my LG Optimus M+. When I drove to the St. Petersburg, Florida Corporate store on 22nd Avenue North, I signed in, waited a few minutes and was called to the counter. I walked up and stated that I wanted to get the LG Motion $G that was advertised for $49 on the website. The customer service rep stated that it was only for NEW customers and that the phone would cost me $168, PLUS a $15 upgrade fee, PLUS another $15 to transfer my phone to my husband’s number.

A $15 upgrade fee is a fraudulent charge as the 4G service is already available and I was going to purchase the phone so that it could pick up on the 4G service signal. There is no “upgrade” to my service plan at all. Therefore, the “upgrade” fee is unnecessary.

After going back to their website and looking at the promotional offer, you have to click through to THREE SCREENS BEFORE you get to the terms and conditions (which is white lettering on a light gray background) that state “new activation only on a new line of service”. In addition, if you have a pop-up blocker, you won’t even see the Terms and Conditions.

I contacted their customer service department with my complaint, only to be put on hold for 15 minutes and 38 seconds…waiting for a “supervisor”. After hanging up and not reaching a supervisor, I contacted the MetroPCS Corporate office in Tampa, FL and left a message for their “Customer Escalation Department”, for which I received a telephone call back. The guy I spoke to, asked me what the problem was. I told him the problem about the phone pricing and how difficult it was to locate the terms and conditions on their website, plus the time it took me to drive and wait at their Corporate store, only to walk out empty handed and, telling him that the $49 4G LTE phone is what I could afford…not the $198 that I was quoted in the store. His response was “I can’t do anything about the phone price, but I can waive the $15 upgrade fee as a one time courtesy.” I KNOW they can alter the price of the phone, they are refusing to. I have spent approximately $15,000 on Metro PCS products and services since 2004.

I am appalled and definitely do NOT feel like a “valued” customer after speaking with their “Customer Escalation Specialist” in Tampa, Florida.

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