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I recently purchased some silver coins from Merit Gold and Silver in Santa Monica. They cashed my check one month ago. They promised to ship out my silver after 10 or 12 business days.

The 10 to 12 days is the verbal contract I made with the salesman and was the detailed information they sent me in an email stipulating their policies. They are in breach of contract now for two weeks. The salesman I dealt with is a Daniel Silic. Nothing that he told me has turned out to be true.

Absolutely nothing.

The time period for shipment came and went. I called them and he promised they would be shipped right out.

One week later still no coins.

He stated I would get a discount on the coins if silver prices fell after my purchase and before shipment. I brought this up to him when talking about their delinquent service. He said there would be no discount. No problem, but it was just a lie.

Just called him again yesterday to complain once again. He said he would personally contact their shipping dept and put me on priority and get back to me today. He did not call today as I expected. I surely hope I get my coins and do not have to spend needless money and time on lawyers over this.

I would never do business with this firm again and would never recommend anyone to do business with them. These people are absolutely not to be trusted. I wish I had looked up this site before doing business with them. I figured that with all their advertising and years in business they would be legit.

I have only done business with APMEX in the past and will only do business with APMEX in the future for metals. A slightly better quoted price is not worth the aggravation.

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