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I thought for the past five years that my clothes and sheets were just cheap or my kids were just really hard on them??? Not so my washer has been ripping them because of a design flaw. There is a big gap between the rubber gasket and the steel wash tub. During washing clothes can get stuck between and are ripped from the tub turning. There is no part or service that would fix it and Maytag won’t stand behind their product. Their answer to my problem is to spend more money on another service call to determine what we already know and then they still would do nothing.

Before I called a tech I looked online for a solution, tried lower spin cycle, adjusted loads levels. Nothing worked! It ripped new jeans, and has been shredding and left rubber marks on my shirts. The tech could find nothing wrong and told me to get mesh bags. Not going to wash everything in mesh bags just so it doesn’t get ripped up. I am only sorry that it took me so long to figure out the real problem.

Who would think their washer would be putting holes in their clothes??? If you are having your clothes ripped or have holes check your washer first! Especially, if you have a Maytag. And if your in the market avoid Maytag and Whirlpool who now owns Maytag their customer service is horrible!!!

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Same issue here. Clothes get stuck and sometimes tear. Every wash load something gets stuck and has to be pulled out and hand rung out.

Cloths rip and gasket leaks. Replaced three times with High dollar so called original front door seal and still it tears an dleaks

I undrstand this, but I have done a little research on this the past couple days and have found that it is also a Frigidaire problem,and LG problem as well. :o(

We are having the same ripping issue. What has happened to the qualtiy at Maytag? So disappointing that you spend more for a "higher quality" washer that destroys your clothes. Replacing the bellow and hoping that helps.


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