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Address: Lowell Ave Haverhill, Massachusetts 01832

I was just beginning my shopping in Market Basket on Lowell Ave in Haverhill on Jan 26th 2012 at aprox 9:15 am. I was looking for a product in aile 15 when I grabbed my phone out of my pocket and the $40 cash i had in my pocket fell out. I noticed it was gone about a minute later putting my phone back in my pocket to find it gone. Retracing my steps in aisle 15 it was surely gone.

I raced up to the front end to ask a front end supervisor for help she said she’d see what she could do and took my name and phone number.. I asked if an announcement could be made that cash had been lost and if found would be greatly appreciated to be turned in. She looked doubtful that she could do this…. So I retraced my steps again.

Then returning to the courtesy booth I asked again please could an announcement be made. Blank stares no we cant do that the manager will check the tapes.. I continued to shop very upset that nothing was being done.

As I was checking out the young front end girl came up to me and said the manager had checked the tape of aisle 15 and didn’t see me drop any money or see anyone pick anything up…. REALLY? I felt like nobody watched any tape I was being blown off and they didn’t think I had lost anything and if so Oh well they weren’t even going to attempt to help.

That being said I am a frequent shopper of this particular Market Basket I find it clean and to have a great Produce Dept. I have also heard on the loud speaker many time a grocery list and book had been lost or someones light were on. I am very upset about this who;e situation and am very leery of bringing my business back to Market Basket

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