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I purchased MagicJack Plus in 2012 with the 30 free trial and paid for the service in January 2013. The container I received the device in stated that 911 services needed to be registered. I did this. In July, I suddenly no longer had 911 service. When I contacted the online help, I was told in broken English that I had to change my telephone number in order to have the 911 service. I said I was not willing to do that because I had had that number for three years and saw no reason to change it. They gave me a confirmation number and said I would be contacted by someone by email.

That was over a week ago. No contact.

I called the billing number for MagicJack to see if 911 was actually included in my service and explained over and over and over to the person on the other line what had happened. She told me I had to go online and do whatever they told me to do. She also told me that there was no refund for the year’s subscription because it was more than 3 months since I purchased it. When I tried to explain that I had 911 service until a couple of weeks ago and had no reason to cancel the subscription, she interrupted me and told me several times that I had to go online, etc. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told that no supervisor was available.

This is outrageous treatment of a customer with a legitimate complaint. I would recommend that NO ONE use MagicJack.

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