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I work for The Tennessee Department of Veterans Affairs as a County Veterans Service Officer in Alamo Tennessee. My complaint is, why does Lowes advertise a 10% discount for veterans? Than will not honor all veterans just the ones that can produce an ID with a picture. Does Lowes not understand Va’s policy that all veterans can not receive an ID card from VA?

For the regular veteran the only way they can receive an ID card is through a VA Medical Center. If their income is more than VA allows they are out of luck. In other words a veteran has to be destitute to receive medical benefits and an ID from VA. If you are not going to honor all honorable discharged veterans than stop advertising as such.

This in my opinion, it’s false and misleading advertisement.

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Went to Lowe’s asked about military discount and was told only retired with military ID and disabled Vets can receive the discount. This is a 10% discount but I believe they should be giving it to all honorable discharged Vets. The only give discount to vets on 3 special days…NOT shopping there anymore!

Lowes and Home Depot offer MILITARY discounts, not VETERANS discounts for everyday. It is extended to veterans who have a service-connected disability and have a VA-issued picture ID card that says “service connected” below the name. The only way to get it is to be receiving medical treatment at a VA facility and have been awarded a disability benefit. The VETERANS discount is offered only on certain holidays, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Veterans Day.

I am a veteran and carry the Virginia Veterans ID Card but that is not accepted as proper ID for a discount.Per the store we need a Veterans Administration card and the only way to get it is to be accepted by the VA Medical Centers for medical treatment and they only issue them(per martinsburg facility) if you qualify and are getting treatment or medication at the facility. I agree if your not going to accept State issued ID with Photo then take the sign down or properly state who can get the discount I do THANK YOU for giving… Read more »

no wonder there are few complaints


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