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Address: 1150 station street Vancouver, British Columbia V6A4C7 Canada
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I took the Greyhound from Kitchner Ont. to Vancouver BC. It took 3 days, and when I finally arrived in Vancouver I didn’t get all my luggage.I waited at terminal for eight hr. checking every bus and my baggage was not there. I filled out a missing luggage form and I had to leave The next day Winnepeg Greyhound called me and said the had my pool cues(since that is how i make my living) and said they were putting them on the next bus, guess what…it has been 10 days and still no cues,not impressed at all. Finally my daughter went to Vancouver and got two of my luggages but no pool cues.

I sent 3 e-mails, they returned an e-mail said i would have to notify customer service. I have left numerous phone messages, no response, I feel i have been treated very poorly by greyhound customer service, since I take the greyhound quite frequently. Thank you an unimpressed customer Sharon

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