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Address: 4770 john carpenter frwy Dallas, Texas

I stayed at the Super 8 in Irving Texas. The complaint I have is that I left my coat on the bed and didnt realize it til I was already 45 minutes outside of Dallas.

I immediately called the Hotel but was told that they did not have the key to check lost and found to call back next day to talk to VJ who was the manager.

Next day I called and was told that he would not be in til 10am 1/22/13. I called right at 10 and he was not in but they would relay message and he would be in touch by 12p. At 12pm after I had not received call I called and was told that they had spoken to housecleaning and checked lost and found and nothing. I am 100% sure I left coat there. What really set me off is lack of return call.

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