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I did the free trial and paid shipping for this LICHI SUPER FRUIT product, and nowhere do they tell you in the ordering process that you are going to be charged $99 for an autoship program, if you don’t cancel or notify you at all. The product took a over a week to get to me, and then less than a week later my credit card was charged $99 without my knowledge or consent.

This is very misleading shady business practices, I barely even got a chance to try the product. I am reporting them to the BBB and going to dispute the charges with my bank. I want my money back!

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The same happened to me. The product took a while to get to me and a week later I was charged $99.99. I called and complained but nothing was resolved then a second charge for the same amount less than a month from my call to them. This company is running a scam


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