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I ordered the “free trial” of this product not knowing that the company sends you a full bottle which again, I didn’t know I had to return within days if unhappy, which I am. The very same day trial period ran my account was automatically charged $99.99. I contacted the company and inform them that I was not satisfied with the product, but I was out of luck, they would not return my money.

However it doesn’t end there, less than a month after my call, they charged my account again$99.99 and have shipped a new order. I contacted them this evening and spoke to Andrew, employee 124 and I complained about the charge, but of course, theres nothing that he can do, he said to wait for the product return it and they would refund my account.

By the way, nice Andrew offered to give me $50 back tonight and I get to keep the product — wait I told him I was not happy with the Lichi, why would I want to keep it and get 50% of my money back?

I hope I get to see my refund, this is s huge lesson learned. Thank you and if anyone can help and tell me how I should proceed ill really appreciate it.

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