I ordered this product and have been waiting for a $140 - Lichi Super Fruit

When I ordered the original product, I didn’t like the taste or quality. I noticed the charge for the following order was placed on my account pretty quickly. I cancelled, but it was too late and the order already shipped to my home. When I received it, I shipped it back to them on 7/24/12. I have been following up ever since on a refund for the product that was sent back and never used (and I threw out the crap I got ‘for free’).

I have contacted them over the phone and via email over a dozen times. There is so much confusion where I should be issued a refund to my credit card or a check. No one has their act together. I believe it’s calculated to confuse people that don’t want to fight over $140. I have received the following excused:

– a check cannot be sent to you once you have ordered on your credit card

– a check was sent in the mail to you it takes 30 days to process

– the check that was sent to you took longer because we had a change in merchants (30-60 days

– I had lost my debit card so my card number changed, the latest was they said I was on the “we have to issue you a manual check’

Today, I called the # of Mark Horowitz (the VP listed on the website for Super Fruit in Greenwich, RI) and he no longer works there. The woman that answered the phone referred me back to the 18004432130 phone number for customer service. When I’ve escalated to management via phone and email, I’ve also asked to talked to Management.

Today I was told, the Manager was on another line. I said I could hold and the service rep said she could not tie up the line.

I’ve threatened to take them to court and if that’s not enough, I think the threat with need to be come reality.

If there’s anyone else that would like to join me, please let me know.


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