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I did the trial for Lichi Super Fruit and broke out in a allergic reaction and had to be sent to the hospital from the product!! My hospital bill was $1600! I am a very healthy human who never have had a allergic reaction to “natural”product like what they claim in the Lichi Superfruit.. I tried to get a refund but I was 9 hours late on the 14 day trial.

I am so sick of this company.

Plus you can not even get a hold of the lead person in sales or products probably due to the fact that they are pieces of **** and have so many complaints about their product a day that they can not handle it!!

Do not buy this product it is not good for you at all and the people who have written the good reviews where probably paid a lot and never tried the awful product. I will make sure that I post this as many places as I can so people wont get robbed from this sh**ty company!!!!!

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