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I had signed up for a FREE trial of the lichi product, and was only told that i would need to pay for shipping coming out to be only $4.95. When i received the confirmation e-mail that my product had been sent out it said i was being charged $7.94. I mistakenly thought nothing of it come to find out on 7/8/13 i was charged 99.99 just two days after i received my free (not so free) trial. For another shipment of the lichi pills, I did not want this and tried to send them back.

then of course on 7/20/13 i was then charged again for $99.99 (mind you it said I would be charged every 30 days…that had not been 30 days) I proceeded to call the company and cancel my subscription that i had never signed up for in the first place and asked for a full refund. They told me I would be able to get 50% of my money back and keep the product. I did not want that I wanted my full $200 back and they could have there product back. He told me getting the 50% back would be immediate but if i wanted to return the product i would be able to get my full refund but that would take 14-30 days.

Their website clearly says you may return your product in 30 days for a full refund but when you call they tell you differently.

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