Lichi Super Fruit Company is a SCAM & will take your money - Lichi Super Fruit

I ordered a trial Lichi Super Fruit order for $7.94 a months ago. Then on 7/1/13 I was charged an unauthorized $99.99, on 7/17/13 I received a email from them advising Lichi 90Ct Tablets will be shipped to me and was also charged another unauthorized $99.99 charge.

I called the number provided 1-800-26-4830 and was advised once you purchase the trial order if you do not call back to cancel you will be placed into auto automatic debit, which I had no knowledge of,especially since I did not sign up any such of thing. The rep further advised me that I’m 2 day short of receiving credit of the 7/1/13 debit, once the recent ship has been received to call back and ask for a return authorization number and a refund of the 7/17/13 charge.

I will be calling them back!!! but first thing in the morning I will be calling the bank to block them from charging my account ad inquiring if the bank can charge them bank of both of these unauthorized $99.99 charges!!!

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