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I was excited, I had watched, learned, imagined cooking elegant fondues, grilled steaks, etc. etc. etc. UNTIL I found out to my horror that it would cost me the arm and leg of a child. False info commercial, false advertising, all the above. This company has a total scam going on and the sad thing about it is tons of people fall for it and don’t find out until it’s to late and then after finding out can get nothing done about it. I personally think that this is something the government needs to check into on fraud alone.

Here’s the deal: After watching the info commercials for about three weeks on TV , I wanted to make certain I wanted the item before buying it on an impulse. So I finally called the number on the commercial and was greeted by a very pleasant girl named Becky,

Note: should someone from the company read the girls name she needs a raise because she was as nice as could be and did her job”, now back to the information that I got. A

fter much talking with her at the end she told me they would bill my credit card company three times and I told her no that I wanted only to have the one bill and then I proceeded to ask her how much. Now mind you I was expecting the total to be around 150. dollars or even a tad bit higher for two of the range tops and two complete cookware packages. They state that you get the first cook top with all the cookware for three payments of 33.33 a month plus shipping and handling.

Well trust me it’s all a terrible lie.

She told me that my total bill would be over 300.00. Hum I thought to myself, what happened to the 99 dollars and shipping. She told me that each set required a 69.00 dollar mailing and handling charge, I ask why and I complained to her that it’s not what the commercial tells you. She made me a one heck of a deal. She said what she could do this one time only for that price is sell me the cook top minus the cookware for 99.99 and then she would take the 30.00 dollar shipping and handling and take 15.00 dollars off that so then my total would be 120.00 dollars or close to it. To make a long story shorter and after much discussion on her part trying to do her job well, I told her to cancel my order, “I’m thanking goodness I wasn’t foolish enough to give her my credit card number yet, she did ask for it but I told her I wasn’t giving it until my questions were answered”, I told her that I was going to wage a complaint about false advertising.

In summing up my affairs with this company I am only thinking about the victims it has assaulted with it’s false advertising. Take care to listen closely to all they have to sell before you sign anything. Thank you for reading.

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Hi, it’s just Janica again, I wanted to update you on my complaint. It’s been three days now since I canceled my order and every single day since I was going to place the order I have gotten a phone call from them prompting me to listen to another deal and to order. Finally today after the third call in a row, the first two I didn’t pick up because I saw caller I/D on it but the third I did pick up, I informed them it’s to their best interest to now call again, I told them their company… Read more »

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