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I opened account on king com site. I was playing games for money. I won £160.

They don’t want to pay me the winnings, they said I have multiple accounts,. But actually I only have one account at

They have basically stole my winnings and also my time. And i know for sure am not the only person they have done it to.

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Nope! done it to me to. Over a similar amount. God forbid someone might actually be good at playing their games.

I have been playing Farm Heroes Level 111 for at least 5 wks. and King does Not GIVE ME CREDIT for the fruit i remove from the board like it should.It continues to see that the raccoon keeps its points and mine as well and regardless to what i play it doesn’t give me proper credit or bonus WHEN i play the bonus and pay to get it so i decided to do it for free and now they keep my points.EITHER WAY THEY GET MY POINTS AND BONUS .


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