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Ordered some early release Jordans which they said were in stock. $10 promotion discount would not go though on their order page, I emailed them and they said it would be credited. never happened. even after multiple emails with no response.

Three weeks later I received a tracking notice from guess where, China. Checked my Visa bill and there was a charge for the shoes with no $10 refund and another charge of around $3 for an FEF, foreign exchange fee, and there was never ever any mention that an additional fee would be charged.

Long story short I contacted my Visa provider and filed a claim for item not received and had them remove the FEF. Got a credit applied to my account, yeah. A package did arrive three weeks later, six weeks total, from China of which I refused delivery on, no idea what quality of shoe was in there but i could really care less.

All I can say is do not waste your time with this **** poor company, not having a phone number should always be reason enough to run. They probably do have authentic Nike/Jordans which are most likely B grade weird box crap.

Also do not Listen to that Joe Venuto BS, I am sure he gets a piece of the action. BUYER BEWARE!!!

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