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Don’t sign up for it. They advertise themselves as offering a “free” membership on their website, but when you make a purchase they have a box in fine print where you agree to have 39.95 withdrawn from your account every month. I had no I idea I was being charged each month.

When I asked to speak to a Representative they simply sent me to someone in India who agreed only to refund me one month’s fees to my bank account. As for the other, they would only give it to me in store credit. It’s shameful that a celebrity “Kimora Lee” would put her name on such a deceitful service.

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Just FYI if you get Customer Representatives in Foreign Countries, you have the right to ask for a representative in America, and they have to oblige. Just think if we all did this, there would be more jobs for Americans

IF you also read the other fine print. It tell you that you have until the 5th of each month to skip the month. If you skip, they do not charge you.


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