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I ordered the Taj Mahal purse on New Years Eve. I received it a few days later. It was a nice purse from the picture and doable when I received it. It smelled funny, but figured it may have been from the oils or whatever to keep it conditioned. by the end of January I noticed that the dye from a sweater I had purchased previously had rubbed off onto the purse and stained it. I contacted JustFab via email and recently found that the email address for their concerns was not working or something.

So, I went to the live chat session and waited 20 MINUTES and no one ever came on. In the meantime they had taken $39.95 from my account for the membership or whatever towards my next purchase. I wait and go on a few days ago to use it and have trouble using the site, so I wait and go on the following day and the money is no longer there to make my purchase and I never had a chance to order anything!

So I contact them again via email and live chat and wait another 20 minutes with no response. I go back online today 3/7/13 and like an idiot I do the same thing, email and go to the live chat where no one ever comes online.

I am out $62.45 for this crap and no one at Just Fab seems to give a rats behind about shabby customer service and lack of communication with their consumers. I have since contacted the better business bureau as well as the attorney general and hope to get my money. I have no problem taking them to court. I work for a firm and file court docs all day. What’s one more!!!!


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my wife purchased some boots at Christmas time and didn’t read the fine print, and there was nothing on the bill about a "vip" charge, then I checked my bank account, WTF!!!!, called customer service to close the " vip" account and get my 39.95 refund, kimora simmons is doing the pre-loaded account thing!!! just like Russell simmons and the pre-loaded credit card using our money and at the least getting interest if they refund it, don’t buy s**t from this scam, just fab is going to disappear over night, think about it-10,000 customers at 40 bucks a piece=400,000 dollars…..just… Read more »

the old bait and switch rip off dont buy from this r.i.p. company


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