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I was a client for several years going back when Jeremy had only the training gym. He was kicked out of his previous gym due to shady dealings. He has **** with his female clients for one thing. Now that he has moved his shady dealings continue. I am surprised that people want to work for him. I do wonder if then other people working there are as shady as he is.

First of all he is not a certified trainer. He was at one time but never renewed it. He should be a certain CPR AED and first aid person due to the type of business he is in. But he is not. He sells items and never collects sales tax and never pays New York State–he takes money from clients and pockets e profit. SUCKERS!!

Next his personal life he lies on forms so he qualifies for Medicaid. His girls get Child HealthPlus. His ex wife moved to VA you would think with the two honest incomes they could provide for their children. He sold a home made money which he quickly spent…I wonder if his tax preparer will know to claim that as income?.

Bottom line if you have pride in yourself do not have anything to do with JP. He is a lying cheating stealing guy. You can only hope someday it catches up with him. Tax dollars should not be spent on his and his girls health insurance when he has a five bedroom house, new truck, new tvs, toy hauler camper and the list goes on. Come on people step up and let others know that he is a piece of **** and go to other gyms..get trained by a professional not a scumbag liar. Also does anyone know what you do to put him out of business??

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Amen brother!!

As an employee of Jeremy’s for the past 3 years, I can tell you that I think I know who is writing these posts. I have never witnessed anything this lady has accused Jeremy of. If you are interested in coming to the gym, then come and visit us and make your own decisions. We have a very well kept gym with up to date equipment. Anything else is hearsay by someone who has a grudge to bear.

What about the employee who quit because JP told a member she(employee) wanted to F the member, did you see that review? I suppose JP didn’t tell you about that and all the other garbage he is into. You should be extremely embarrassed to tell people you work at the worst gym in town

Why does a member have s grudge to bear? What’s wrong with the gym?

Are you working there tax-free? There are MANY people commenting check out the fake reviews on Facebook

Funny how you know so much about his life…..and spent “several years” at his gym. You know all about his girls and the toys he has as well. You even know about the type of insurance carrier he has….what a f*****g stalker. You sound like a scorned woman who got dicked over because you were probably a stage 5 clinger. So nice you took the time out of your day to vent about a single father who is doing the best that he can….nice of you to mention his children’s health care….who cares how he gets them covered they are… Read more »

Nice language JP, you are the one who should be ashamed,woman beater!

Wow that is a mature person talking, must be JP. I wonder what he will do when someone does to his girls what he has done to many daughters. He is a weasel, the little man syndrome where the little man who to drive around in obnoxious, attention getting(insecure) truck to be noticed. Has a fit if his isn’t “the best” JP bite the curb because you are the stupidest one

Jeremy is the pathetic one. He causes all this garbage he complains about. He is the bad one but calls others bad names like cun* and bitc* because of the bad s**t he has brought onto himself, it’s kind of hysterical to watch, what a moron! LOL

nice way to treat a woman, ever think you cause all this sh-t yourself, truck damage? Etc

Hey Jeremy, your use of words gives you away, dumb a..lowlife!
Boo hoo Jeremy, keep it in your pants and maybe try being a father, instead of always working on your next f…
LOSER boo hoo, it must suck to be you. You’re the one being dicked(such grown up words).
Kids on welfare while daddy pours all his money or other people’s money into jacked truck,snowmobiles,motorcycles,gym that nobody good wants to go to. Hey let me ask you something, what is your problem(s) anyway? Jeremy Parsons is the one dragging Jeremy Parsons through the mud! Big joke!

Face it he is a loser and has brought all this on himself. Nice use of words “dirtbag”. You forgot to mention the pill bottle pic. You should feel sorry for him he is his own worst enemy, maybe he should try keeping it in his pants and respecting women instead of treating them badly before his dumb looking truck is damaged again.

Wow,everything the previous ex-client said is all true, he is bad news,very dishonest


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