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My husband was incarcerated, so I was searching for a good plan for phone time. I typed “Securus” in google and this was the 1st thing to pop i clicked on it assuming it was the securus website (securus being the company which provides the calls from Mclean County Jail in IL. Well, I paid 50$ along with a 19.99$ startup cost.. Idk how u guys managed to only pay fifty.. but apparently their scam worked so well that they decided to up the cost. Lovely for me. Fortunately..

I called and called the customer service 972-338-5271 and got a hold of someone. The phone number they had provided me with couldn’t even be registered on the REAL securus website, and it said unlimited, but when i set up my account, the lady said I only get 1000 min. I mean, 1000 min is plenty, but thats not the point. It advertises UNLIMITED. Finally got in contact with someone and told the girl that Securus wouldn’t let me register the phone number I was given and that I wanted a full refund. She proceeded to completely disrespect me and talk to me like a child by saying “Well, instead, why don’t you just keep trying our service? I will give you a new number to use” UMMM NO! You gave me a false number the first time, why would I want to continue with this ****?

I finally got to speak to a manager (another indian dude who talked to me like i was an idiot for cancelling my service) and he informed me that i could not get a full refund, because the 19.99$ i paid was the startup fee, and i did start my account. WHATEVER, fine. So He told me I would be refunded 50$. I got a confirmation email that the refund had processed their financial department but my refund didn’t show up on my card for 2 weeks! At least i got it i guess, I should be thankful because i can now see that many people couldn’t even get in touch with someone. (Mind you, I tried calling many times and left messages threatening to sue them) But I must say I’m disgusted with the scam they are pulling, even if they refund people everything but their startup fee, they are still making a killing off services that they can’t even offer.

I highly recommend everyone STAY AWAY from this. It’s a scam for sure.

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