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I have a grandson in rankin county jail. If i talk to him i have to put money on my debit card. I ran across an add for jail call services. For a one time fee of 14.95 and 29.99 a month i could receive unlimited calls from my grandson. Well I signed up giving my debit card number and they called me and gave me a phone number to give my grandson. Well i gave it to my grandson and when he tried to call, i still had to apply globaltel link. I tried to call them at 972-338-5271, many many times. No one never answered that number.

Then i emailed them and told them, if i still have to pay globaltel, then why do i need to pay you 29.99 a month. I asked for a refund, they clearly state on their website if your unsatisfied for any reason we will refund your money. They told me that they could not refund my money because i was already in the system. Well how do you know if the service will work unless your in the system. This is a scam. My daughter was scammed too.

I did this over the weekend, paid by debit card thru my bank, well this morning, 3-11-2013 Monday, i went to my bank wrote a letter of what had happened, printed out copies of their website and the page that said full refund. The bank said they have had many people done like this. They are going to get my money back because it was a debit card not a check. This is a scam from the word go.

Don’t fall for it. If it sounds to good to be true its not true… Good luck everyone.

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