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Beware Of Doing Business With That Crazy Wrap Thing and  It Works Global

In the beginning of January i had gotten on facebook and was accidentally invited to a crazy wrap party. I im’d the woman that invited me and asked more information about it and asked her how she knew me…she told me that she had inadvertently put my name in her list of people she wanted to invite ….i checked out the site she turned me on to and found out that the product was something i might be interested in…

well she talked to me a little more and showed me proof that the product did indeed work. she signed me up to be a loyal customer…. almost 3 months into being a loyal customer she told me that i would make a perfect distributor… seeing that i had lost my job i figured that it would be a good way to make money and stay at home to take care of my father….so she signed me up to be a distributor….

i anxiously awaited for my distributor package from “it works global” to come in the mail…it came quickly and i had my first party it didn’t pan out too well but she told me to stay with it the first party was never easy and that things would get easier….i kept ordering things for my parties but never gotten one dime from the company…they wanted to know my social security number so they could “pay me”.

i called It Works Global last month when i found out they charged me 20.00 extra and was told that was for my e-suite…something i never used and they had been charging me the 20.00 every month since i had become a distributor…i never even knew they had charged me 20.00 extra a month till today when i double checked my bank statements…i told them a little over a week ago that i did not want to do business with them anymore because they did not make me aware of the hidden fees and cancelled my account with them…..

i found out a day later that after i had cancelled they went in my bank account and took out the 20.00 plus 105.87 for an order that i told them i did not want…

i called them up the following day because it was after 9pm and they are supposedly closed after 9 to ask them why they took the money out of my bank account and they proceed to tell me that they would refund me the 20.00, due to the fact that i had indeed cancelled my account with them they.

then proceed to tell me that they would refund my 105.87 after i returned the product they were shipping to me! i asked to talk to a manager he proceeds to tell my husband that the product was still in the warehouse but was going to be shipped out…i told him they would charge me a restocking fee if they sent it to me…he said they would not charge me a restocking fee…

now my husband and i have both worked in many warehouses and we both know for a fact they knew exactly where the product was they were going to ship to me…they could have just put it back in stock instead of shipping it to me to have me have to spend money to have it shipped back to them just to have them charge me for a restocking fee…

i want every one out there never to do business with it works global….they do crappy business with their loyal customers and even worse crappy service to their distributors…..

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How did you stop being a distributor

A drunken distributor was trying to sell it works products to local businesses making a joke out of it. Erica r jensen in Lewiston Idaho

Just saying, when you purchase your business kit before you can even check out if you actually read the terms right before picking an esuite site name it says in big bold text that it costs $20 a month for the site. That site is used because that is what your customers order off of. You had a bad experience but I am a distributor have been for a month I’ve already promoted and everything you are complaining about is something your upline should have explained to you. And part of it isn’t on you. Before signing up for something… Read more »
I was a distributor but not never really told that in order for me to collect my commissions, I had to buy their products. What type of company makes you spend money to collect the money you are working hard for. Avon sure doesn’t. Then after 6 months when I spent all this money on marketing tools, magnet etc. i saw this was going no where. I reached out to 2 groups I was on member on facebook to try and sell whatever i had (at my loss) for marketing tools, products in brand new packaging, etc, I was asked… Read more »

Same thing happened to me and I was verbally attacked by my up line because I confided in another distributor about the fact that my up line would message my potentials and take them for herself that company is a pyramid scheme!

you don’t have to buy their products if you have personally signed customers who’s volume is equal to 150 BV.. You distributor obviously didn’t care enought to inform you the 2 ways to be commission qualified.

RIP OFF! I ordered the confienza pills in August. I received my first shipment. My second order was supposedly “Delivered” however I never received it. I then was billed for my 3rd shipment and still never received my 2nd order! I contacted my rep and she told me to file a claim online. I did that. They emailed me back stating I needed to “Call the cops” and “Call the post office and File a claim” They will not help me unless I did that first. I called customer service 6 times. The first 2 times they hung up on… Read more »

How do you cancel your account? I was a distributor and now i don’t want to be one anymore. Anyone know how to get out of it? I hear you have to call them in order to do so. I already cancelled my autoshipments and stuff.

did you ever figure it out?

I have sent in over 12 emails to “It Works” all to go ignored! I have placed week 5x’s the amount of phone calls all to be placed on hold for 20 to 30 minutes to get an automated reply saying “we are experiencing an unusually high volume of calls. Please fell free to call us back at your earliest convenience.” As a “Loyal Customer” I paid for “speedy shipping” with promise my order would be received in 3 to 7 days. Three weeks later I finally got my order. I then placed another order NOT under auto ship for… Read more »
I totally feel for You! I started Dec 12 & one of My LC’s had been experiencing bad constipation using only Greens it also causes Hemroids & A**l Fissures! I just Said No to My Sponsor Who is supposed to be like a Coach. When I sent Her a complaint letter about fecal impaction & just said Are You aware of this … Then said it happened to one of My customers! She said Ok then deleted Me as a friend… Now who do I get help from Ms Amy Robinson is not a Good Coach I believe She means… Read more »
When you sign up to be a distributor all the information is right there about the esuite & 20$ charge monthly. Don’t blame the company because you didnt pay attention & do good with the business! As for the comments, being a loyal customer, toy know what you sign up for. It’s all there. you are sent product you choose for 3 months automatically & if you want to change autoshiment date you meed to do so at least2-3 days before it is scheduled. People kill me. They dont pay attention then want to get mad whem things dont go… Read more »
It’s not about freaking “paying attention” …. it’s the fact that no one was f*****g warned about the stupid fees! I have been charged HUNDREDS of dollars on some scammy a*s business that I wasn’t even making a dime off of. This business isn’t for everyone, and it’s not professional for people like you to be mean to others because they “didn’t pay attention”. This business is nothing but a money pit. Yes, I agree it is for some people, but not for all. Brittany, your superior attitude brings people down and makes them feel like they’re not worth anything,… Read more »

Pretty crappy this is how you choose to do people trying to earn money! You need to be shut down!

You are a perfect example of the rotten customer service folks are complaing about. Wow! You really make money off folk with your rude attitude?

Shes right about it all though.. and ive never had any problems with my greens..

I and my husband absolutely love all of our products. The website clearly states everything you are going to be charged. :)

Miranda Awwsome Simpson

It’s ok, you have to say that ;) their products are crap & everyone that doesn’t “distribute” knows…

How did you cancel your account with them? I had a friend sign me up yesterday and they haven’t processed the $99 to start the account yet. After I was signed up I went into the website to get my first order and was completely shocked by how much everything is. I can’t imagine trying to rip off my friends and family by selling this stuff to them, or anyone for that matter. I know this post is 2 years old, but I’m hoping you’ll see it because I really don’t want to do this now!

To be honest, I doubt your friend is ripping you off at all. This woman sounds like she never contacted her up line or read anything. You dont have to keep the esuite or pay 20 if you dont want it for one. You also don’t have to buy products months either. You just have to be working and have 4 customers a month. That’s it. If you are actually working that is easy. People don’t work and expect money to just walk through the door. No job works that way. My team also discouragesee parties. They don’t work. You… Read more »

did you ever figure it out? I also just signed up, but don’t want to be one anymore.

Rachel were you ever able to figure out how to cancel your contract?

I am very upset with this **** a*s company called IT WORKS. Money was taken off of my card without me knowing (my light bill money) and now they are saying it was refunded(not on my card) my bank is telling me that the refund has not been released. I called to ask can I speak to their merchant services and they stated that they dont have a merchant services and can not help me. Today 5/13/15 is the last day of my extension for my lights and now since they will not refund my money, my lights are getting… Read more »

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