I Was Treated Like I Was A Liar - Walmart

I purchased 6 DVDs for $5.00, all Christmas movies. I got them home and 3 were blank. I took them back as soon as I could; I am disabled right now so I need help getting in and out of my home car ect.

I took the movies to the service desk and I was told to go get three of the same. I spent 1 half hour looking through the bin of DVDs for $5.00. When I was on my way back to the service desk with them a young man named Jesse from electronics approached me and said he put them in a DVD player they had in back and they are fine.

I returned home put them back in my DVD player and they are still blank. I worked at a Walmart in Eau Claire and I love Walmart but this is not the first time I have had a problem here in Medford. Jesse was rude and should not work with the public and I have 3 DVDs that I will just chalk up for a loss. I am unemployed and house bound so I just wanted a few Christmas movies to entertain myself.

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