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I am on level 99 of the Farm game. I have spent lots of money, and on this level there is only one group of “Apples” that ever show up.

I have gotten high scores with the water drops and suns. But the apples never show up.

I want all of my money refunder for the 99 level, this is a ripe off.

You have people playing and playing and the apples are never shown, so you can never win.

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I’m on level 86 on Farm & I keep getting kicked out. Don’t understand why. This has happened before. I uninstalled & then re-installed & it worked fine until I get to this level. Has anyone else experienced this?

I am on level 99 on farm heroes too. It is a huge ripoff. There is absolutely no way to get past it. King needs to fix it ASAP!!!!!!!

yes, Im having the same issue with farm Heros saga. You only get 4 apples on level 99, no matter what you do or how many times you play, so you cannot get the 10 apples the level requires! What a rip-off. KIng needs to fix this. I have a feeling King’s days are numbered because there are too many cheating bugs in its systems that they are not fixing. I guess I’m done with KIng and all the games I WAS playing.


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