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I choices Hugesnet because I had no other option. I signed up with a 2 year contract. Everything they quoted me was wrong. The installation cost me $100.00 more. They contract this out so you’re at the installer mercy. The internet speed was slow. The only time it was fast was from 1am to 5am in the morning. It is expenses at $89.00 a month. We finally have another internet option available for my area so I called and requested a cancellation. I could not get off the phone with them. They transferred me to two other people asking me the same questions trying to get me to stay with them.

I even got a call the next day with another operator trying to sell it again. When I received my box to return my equipment I noticed they wanted something off the satellite dish on the roof. I called and ask how the h@?? am I going to get that down. Of course they could send someone out to remove that but it would cost me 100.00 bulks. I have to pay them to return their product…..


You can only imagine what I told her she could do with that part. I WILL go without internet before I ever use hughesnet again.

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