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I received and email from riverelk.com. I thought it was from a casino so I opened the attachment and discovered that I had a loan for $250 and the loan had a renewal fee of $75 every two weeks. I looked at the loan number and noticed that it had the same number for an automatic withdrawal from my checking account. I never applied for a loan. I only inquired about a loan from a website and entered my information expecting a call from a representative that would explain my options and that never happened.

The next morning I had cash in my checking account. It has taken me over a year to figure out who was doing this. The company hides under the name Hydra Funds. The real name is SSM Group LLC and the phone number is 1-855-284-7685. They are sneaky and dishonest scamming snakes who don’t bother to get your permission.

Like everyone else that has commented, I have been financial raped. As unreal as it is we are all victims when we do not have the opportunity to agree to any terms and conditions. Read your email, especially the “junk” mail because you never know who is taking advantage of you.

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