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I was looking on line at hydra fund a loan company i filled out the information of myself and they asked for account number and routing number. I thought they would put the money into my account. After carefully reading the high interest rates i checked no at the bottom making my strong decision not to borrow the money.

Two weeks from the time i was going to apply for the loan but refused to the company, Hydra Fund put $200 in to my account i had no way of contacting this company because there is no contact information. Every 2 weeks they were taking out $60 from my account.

They took a total of $120 from my account when i closed my account they called me saying i must pay them $180 or i will be sued. I said i didn’t even agree to the money and you just put it in my account then took out $60 every two weeks. I said fine i will pay you $180 to settle this issue. I asked the man on the phone if i pay you is that all i owe? He said yes. I said then i wont owe anymore i am done paying this? He said yes.

Well 6 months went by its now December i get a call from a women named Shanelle Farmer saying i have a claim filed against me and that i need to pay it or i will be served papers. Then someone else called saying i have to pay $440.00 and its adding up unless i pay it off. I explained my the problem that they are ripping me off she said if i have any proof or receipt that i payed them off. I don’t cause i payed over the phone with my credit card.

I am fooled and very upset. I never thought that this would happen they want me to give them my money. I don’t owe them a dime they can go to hell i hope someone files a law suit against there sorry as and take all there money and send them to the streets for damaging peoples lives and cause stress that effect everyone. What they are doing is wrong and someone needs to put an end to it now.

I am determined to find these people and put them in my shoes.

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