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As a first time user, I’ve learned free is not free. I learned from this complaint website how they don’t allow consumers to call the “matched” service professional myself, they instead send the pros all my information–only for me to receive an early morning call from an eager pro–who apparently may now only be looking to recoup on the cost of the lead.

They are misleading to consumers and what they plainly say on their website:

As soon as your request is processed, we send your information to your recommended pros.  Shortly after receiving your service request, they’ll contact you to discuss your project If you prefer, you can contact them at your convenience

Apparently I had no where to select whether or not I wanted a “recommended pro” (aka pro who paid to get their name sent to me) to contact me. Instead they were contacting me at 8am on a Sunday morning.

Their customer service people (two so far) are entirely useless and don’t do what they say.
Also, there is absolutely nothing on their website about how to cancel my registration/consumer account. Nothing, nada, zilch. does not seem overall a very credible website, they’re misleading, not easy to use, and now i feel they are just gunning for your information – I wouldn’t be surprised if they sell my information to other mailing lists even though I told them I didn’t want it.

Don’t bother with this website, even for pros/tradespeople; I will only work with and other reputable service providers–note, reputable is key.

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Hi "SeBe" – I’m sorry to hear about your concerns with your service request. When you submit your contact information into the request form, we do match you with up to 4 professionals. We can note the request as cancelled if you do not want the professionals to call but it is best if you contact the professionals and let them know to give us a call after you cancel the request. If you would like to speak further in detail about your request, you may contact me directly at 303-963-8066 or Thank you, Mandy Black HASupport

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