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HomeAdvisor contacted me to advertise for me and give me leads. I was specifically told numerous times when I asked the question, do I have to pay for the lead if it does not follow through? No, you do not. Because they could just send you false leads.

Within two hours of my signing up I sent a lead, which the person wanted my services.

Then she called back 15 minutes later and stated she did not need my services.

I was told at the time of saying, yes, I will join your company, that this specific kind of lead would be $13. Now, when I go to cancel I was told that lead was $35.00.

I was totally misrepresented. Very angry about this. I had to cancel out my debit card and get a new one, just to make sure they take no more money from me.

Very angry customer here!!!

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After calling home advisor 3-4 times to freeze the services that I was told was one price and ended up to be much more, I had to cancel my credit card to stop the recurring payments of nearly $200/month. They are a scam and corrupt company that I would never recommend to anyone for any type of service. I agree with Ace regarding this major problem and consumers, as well as potential customers, should know how Home Advisor conducts business. Ken


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