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Almost every lead was a dead end. People do not answer your calls or emails. Out of 12 leads I got to do 3 quotes in person. Of the 3, 2 were what I would call pauper homes. The one perspective client Made 3 of us show up at the same time for the estimate, which is a big no-no just so they could save time.

Another one strung me a long and said I had the job, then at the last minute after I had loaded all my supplies and was at the store getting ready to purchase a few things for the job the client said that his father in-laws friends were going to do the job the next day and complete job that same evening. All for free. There are even more embarrassing ordeals with this client and others I won’t waist time on.

The bottom line is. If a client hires one of the 4 or 5 businesses they more than likely going to choose the cheapest. I even went against my unwritten rule, to never lower my pricing and that still was not good enough. Either these people are working for nothing or the clients are just getting an idea how much, and not hiring anyone at all. The only one that loses are the contractors. Not only were they charged 29.00 – 72.00 per lead, they are out fuel and time reimbursement.

So if you are not in a position to lose more money to experiment this process, I highly recommend not using Home Advisor. Most of the leads seem to be bogus or a bunch of tire kickers. Lets face it, the clients have nothing to lose and may find 4 or 5 contractors loosing a combined 280.00 amusing, but I most certainly do not. I must say though, that everyone I spoke to at HA was very nice but, thats just it. They keep stringing you a long to keep your hopes up, as the contractor continues to waste what advertisement budget they had in the first place.

Good luck, Hiawatha !

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Like most things in life, HomeAdvisor started out as a great concept / company. Somewhere along the way, they became greedy and it’s the contractors who wind up paying the price. The lead fees have literally doubled since I joined and now, they allow an additional service provider to bid on a project. Meaning that you now have a 1 in 4 chance of winning a job. And that assumes the homeowner is not just "window shopping". Most are, in my experience. Homeowners are using the site to window shop for free estimates and most have no intention of following… Read more »

Hi Robert –

I’m sorry to hear your frustrations with the leads you received from us. We can help you adjust your account to try to target the types of clients you would like to receive and we have several resources and tools to utilize. If you would like to discuss your concerns further in detail, you may reach me directly at 303-963-8066 or

Thank you for your time.

Mandy Black


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