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WE signed up for leads that we were promised would bring us so much work we would have to higher more people. we’ll not so all they did was send us 100’s of leads that were either fake or people didn’t want any work done.

Then when you try to get a credit for the lead they deny the credit. We have been charged $1,900.00 for leads when only $350 were actual real leads. We refuse to pay for these bogus leads and called a customer serv rep for home advisor he told us that home advisor received over 150,000 credit request a month.

So the company is well aware that they are stealing contractors money and they don’t care.

I’m thinking about starting a class action law suit against home advisor because if someone doesn’t stop them the owners are just going to keep scamming contractors out of millions.

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W too have faced similar conditions similar to what others have shared. Besides the on board process, where they mis lead you.Forget about what they promise you on lead generation exclusivity, forget about lead cost lower then promised. This is going to happen and will continue to happen until someone or a body stands up and police the situation. Yes there is a class action lawsuit. Lets all contribute to this cause. Bad business. We took it in the chin when a sales rep, after 19 emails, over 90 minutes of oral communication,it was explained not to discuss it on… Read more »

There is a class action lawsuit against them

Soooooo – anyone ever really take legal action against these thieves or was that all big talk no action?

same here fighting them for $1800.00 for three dead end “leads”
Logan Mechanical, inc.

Thank for all the tips Guys…It’s was a big help I was going to sign up but after reading all the complaints you save me some money!! I sent there customer service a email complaining about the sales rep. that wouldn’t give more info and details on the leads. But now I know why!.

RUN from the thieves

is anyone doing anything about a class action lawsuit I hear a lot of blah blah blah blah blah blah blah b***h b***h b***h complain complain complain who’s going to start filling these a******s? ServiceMaster is the worst business decision I ever made they are a nightmare they are evil evil evil evil!

I have lost money with this company as well for the membership fees. I know them as Home Advisor, and I didn’t know they were Service Master or Aspire in other times. If it were a legit business, why do they need to keep changing the name? I cancelled my membership on 4/15/14, but I was billed today for the fees. I have disputed the charge, but I had provided them (foolishly) with my business checking account debit card, so it’s entirely up to MasterCard on whether or not the charge was authorized. I’ve had to cancel my debit card… Read more »
After being promised thousands of customers I have signed up with SM and then HA. I have spent a year and got ONE customer. Most of the leads were worth nothing (except my anger and frustration) as phone calls were not picked up, messages not returned and e-mails without reply. No credit for all of that. The rep said those leads will pay in long run, people will eventually hire for their project. So I spent a year and result is ONE customer. So I quit. They called me and offer me free leads to make it up. I agreed.… Read more »
I know I’m stepping into a furry of fire here, buy fair is fair. I spent my life in marketing and almost 4 years at the end of my career with ServiceMagic. My job was enrolling and consulting with contractors. Looking from the inside out towards the contractor market you get a bit of a different picture. My contractor retention – year-over-year – was as high as 70%+. The contractors who were not successful shared similar traits. The inability to hear or understand the terms of the relationship and how it all worked was a shared trait. SM/HA is a… Read more »
ROFLMFAO! You are s full of it. I guarantee you are an idiot. After keeping track of the leads filtered through HA and roughly $43,000 paid to HA I assure you that this place is a scam! Every person we spoke too said that once they signed up for HA to have a contractor call them that they were getting calls from every service company for every “other” thing other than what they asked for. HA doesn’t like to credit anything back. Honestly? I KNOW that this place is a scam a huge scam. I have been keeping meticulous records… Read more »

bull s**t!

Home Advisors called me & told me that I will be billed for leads only when I accept them, but then they called me requesting money of $180 for 6 text messages that they send, none of them were accurate; just random info and they charged $30+ for each. One of those leads called me & set an appt to talk about a job and 1 hr before appt they canceled & told me they will call to reschedule, it’s been 2 months, no one called. I told Home Advisos about it, they wont listen, they just told me that… Read more »
Hey Mia, I really appreciated everything you mentioned here, I have a small business and some guy called me from HA he told me I will have so many leads and I will needed to possible hire more people. I thought umm to good to be true, I was about to get my payment info ready for tomorrow since the guy supposedly will call me tomorrow, but I desired perhaps to do my own work by searching the BBB in witch I found 583 complains against HA. and they are not a BBB member, wonder why? right! Out of all… Read more »
I got a lead once from home advisor that was a customer that was looking for a handyman just to keep in mind. I quickly called HA to complain and get a lead replacement because the customer was NOT looking for work, just a phone number. They denied me that lead replacement and charged my account anyway. Then today after calling in last week and having my leads turned off for the next month i get a lead out of the blue and they tell me that they will just credit my account. So they still want to take my… Read more »

I found out my company (company name and partial address) through the web with an 800 phone number. I called and I realized they are (HA) "catching" the clients this way and the sending then to my company as leads. For two years I only got four clients. I never gave them authorization to use my company name other than their web page but they are using it misleading info. to potential clients, this way.

You might be interested to know that they have now changed their name again, now it’s called Aspire.

We have an appliance repair business and we spoke with home pro about our business, in october 2012 we also signed up being told how much money we could make, however we get charged for leads that do not come thru. Our first four leads directly was connected to us while home pro was still on the line,However the first 4 customers issues with their unit was miraculously fixed within seconds of the phone call but we were still charged. We feel HOME PRO IS A SCAM GETTING RICH OFF OF OTHERS!!!!!!!!!!! They should be stopped and people need to… Read more »
Just want to thank all you guys for taking the time to get this info out there about Home Advisor. I try not to even answer the phone when I think its a junk call but this one called so many times I finally answered it just to say quit calling. We own a Construction Co. in Mid-Mich. and the sales woman made a great pitch had me thinking about it really but when she said she had a hundred leads for new homes to be built in a fifty mile radius I knew she was full of something. I… Read more »
I had a almost the same problem, I signed up with the understanding that I would only pay for leads that I accepted by email, the same way I did about 10 years ago when I was with Service Magic. Mandy in sales agreed and I gave her a Discover Card. After about 3 weeks, they started sending me leads and automatically charged me for those leads without me actually looking at them and accepting them. I had just started a big remodel job and didnt pay close attention to their emails since I was already working. When I did… Read more »

never ever give them your bank account give them a pay as you go credit card and fill it with 50 bucks thats what i did i got bogus leads too but at least i dont have to worry about them taking me to the poor house

This is very true. I was called by Home Advisors who said they had been re-tooled from being Service Magic. They stated that only two contractors would recieve the leads in my area, me being one of them and that these were gauranteed, screened customers that weren’t "just looking" but, were ready to start the projects. It was a free offer for one month or $500.00 worth of leads, whichever came first.__Well, guess what? Three weeks went by and nothing. Then almost at the end I called to complain and magically I got two leads which turned out to be… Read more »

JFH Home Improvement

Total SCAM! These thieving bastards need Shut down NOW!!!!!

I;m with ya Big Dog. Let’s start a class action. We work to hard for our money.

Amen brother. We all know why companies rebrand themselves. If you’ve worked hard to build a reputation and care about that reputation and it had value, you wouldn’t throw it in the trash bin.

Hi Big Dog Concrete Construction –

We’re sorry to hear about your concerns with your account. We do offer lead replacements on a case-by-case basis and would be more than happy to review this with you to see what we can do to help. I sent your information over to one of our account specialists to follow up with you on Monday.

Thank you,

Mandy Black

rip off i paid 640.00 for leads a months worth. Half of leads no response to phone or emails. Hell the other half wasnt ready to have work done just an idea how much it would cost. We should not be charged unless home advisor leads paid for work is completed by a contractor that receives the lead.

Hi Big Dog Concrete, I own a small exterior remodeling company out of Arlington Tx . I signed on with Home Advisors back in October 2012 and have the EXACT same issue as you. I called Home Advisors immediatly after I recieved like 8 leads the very same day I signed on with them. Each of the 8 leads was a dead end. The accont rep that was assigned to me told me not to worry that if they turned out to be dead end lead that they would refund my money. But wanted me to keep calling the leads… Read more »

Definlety intrested in you class action lawsuit with home advisor let me know how to go forward with it my name is jimmy and you can email me @ landworxent@comcast.net

Ditto here! I’d love to sue these thieves!


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