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After searching the web for a hvac repair contractor I came across a site that offered several quotes -at that point they didn’t identify themselves as Home Advisor. The rep asked for my information which I was hesitant to give until I learned further about the company, how they operate and if they would be able to help me – ( I was specific in that I was looking for a contractor that would provide me with a FREE estimate on a repair.)

All I gave was my first name, zip code and phone number in case the call got disconnected. I was in the midst of telling her that under no circumstances did I want to receive calls. If she gave me the contractor’s name and number, I would follow up with them at a time that is convenient for me to talk with them and schedule an appointment. I specifically asked if it could be done that way. She said yes. As she was giving me the contact information of the local ‘pre-screened’ contractors, I quickly learned that she had lied to me.

While I was still on the phone with the rep, right after she told me I wouldn’t receive any calls, I received 2 calls! I received more calls throughout the day as well. Additionally, the three calls that I did answer were not from contractors that would provide me with a FREE estimate.

After getting several calls from contractors, I called Home Advisor to have my information COMPLETELY DELETED from their database. The rep told me she couldn’t do that. I asked for the name, title and contact information of the person who had the authority to do that. She said that there is nobody who could.

So I then asked the name of the CEO because I would then take it to the top if I needed to. She told me the name, but wasn’t sure how to spell it I then went online and went back and forth with the on-line ‘chat’ rep over the exact same issues – 1) Who can I speak with who can delete me from the system, and 2) What is the name of the CEO? He was not willing or able to provide me with that information unless I identified myself. Does that make sense? He would not tell me the name of the CEO of a publicly traded company unless I identified myself? I asked him why he was making me research public information – turning an dissatisfied consumer into an ANGRY consumer.

I will continue to follow up with the CEO of Home Advisor, and the CEO of IAC (the parent company) as well. I am sorry to the contractors who paid for my ‘lead’ and please know, that Home Advisor didn’t properly ‘pre-screen’ me as a consumer. It seems to me that HA is just pushing the calls though the system so their numbers look good to you guys.

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