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I have been using Service Magic/ Home Advisor since May of 2012 with both good and bad results. For the most part I was happy with the leads. Probably closed about 50% overall and about 80% of the ones I actually contacted. At the end of the day I probably made a little bit of money off the leads they provided.

My issue with them stems from the fact that I found out they are creating listings on listing sites like Merchant Circle and the Yellow Pages with my Company’s name and address. These listings then have a phone number that directs them a voice answering system that says that have called my store.

They have not called my store they have called Home Advisor. I find this to be fraudulent and will be seeking my day in court, but I wanted you all to be aware. Stay away from Home Advisor.

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Hello, I’m a little bit reluctant to chime in, but the majority of complaints about HA from contractors written up on forums are baseless. As a former successful Senior Online Consultant for ServiceMagic (now HA), I must have enrolled over a thousand contractors – with a year-to-year contractor success ratio of over 70%. For a while, I was unaware of the exact "Terms and Conditions" (T & Cs) that governed the contractor’s relationship with Home Advisor. It wasn’t trained, stressed or even talked about much while I was there. In a former life, I had created, wrote or administered multimillion… Read more »

With all these complaints, and I do agree with them for the most part. Why doesent the attorney general do anything about these con artists.

Hi "SFFlooring" –

I am sorry to hear your concerns about the exact match program. We do assign a number to your business as part of the exact match program but it is an optional program to be enrolled in. We would like to discuss these options with you and see what works best for your company. You may reach me directly at 303-963-8066 or mblack@homeadvisor.com.

Thank you,

Mandy Black

I’ve seen this a lot on Merchant Circles/(MC) listings,Most of their listings seem to have some connection to Home Advisor/(HA) There are also a lot of unclaimed listings that will redirect traffic to HA or their affiliates at MC’s site.Some even have a HA’s or affiliate phone # listed for contact. Unfortunately the Terms of Service/(TOS) at MC spell out how they can manipulate the listings.If you didn’t claim the listing,or agree to their TOS then I suggest contact MC to remove the listing. When clicking on a HA members business website link, listed on MC ,you will be redirected… Read more »

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