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I used Home Advisor to get a QUOTE for a simple, standard kitchen faucet deinstall / install. I already have the replacement faucet so I was just looking for someone to do the labor. I asked for a BALLPARK QUOTE, but no one would leave one on my voicemail or email. I performed another request on Home Advisor emphasizing the need for a BALLPARK QUOTE and that any voice mails or emails without this information would not be responded to……..I got nuthin….

HOME ADVISOR….you lost my business. I will go back to Angie’s List. At least I can get a quote without a commitment….

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Hi "Mark" –

I am sorry to hear your concerns about trying to get a ballpark quote. We do have our new cost guide to help you find a ballpark figure before even submitting in a request for a professional to call you. If you have questions or would like to learn more about how you can use our system to best fit your needs, you can contact me directly at 303-963-8066 or

Thank you,

Mandy Black


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