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I signed up and bought $600 in leads up front. The first lead the home owner did not exist…….the address did not exist and the phone number did not work and was out of town. The second lead the phone number did not work …….the lead said it was about a bid for a slate roof where the neighborhood was very rundown…………what a waste of my time! I texted them to stop by cell and over 7 emails.

My contract said I could cancel. I called my bank and they temporarily are giving the money back while they investigate. Home Advisor is threatening to send me to collections. I hired and employee because the promised legit leads and I had to let him go because the mislead me. I bought another truck for him to drive to bid on jobs now I am losing money from every direction.

Someone needs to shut this scam down!

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SO, now I get it…. My wife called a Electrician, come to find it was a service, HomeAdvisor. Once she realized it was a service, and providing no information other than verifying the phone number she was calling from. They asked if she wanted to use the service and she says “No thanks” but within 10 minutes we got 3 calls from contractors in New Orleans, Louisiana. We live in Kentucky. The HomeAdvisor phone lady “Marian” just made up a phony lead for us and we are still getting calls from LA.

This homeadvisor Pro is a complete scam. They send bogus leads that are a week old. When we call the customers they confirm that. And then they charge the wrong rates for what the actual job request is, of course always much higher than the agreed on rate. What a ripoff and then after just settling to pay them $500 they have sent the remainder to threatened collection. Shut em down please. Oh I also found out that this is the old SERVICEMAGIC company that went through the same BS and reconstitued themselves with a new name.

I signed up with Home Advisor about 4 months ago. Out of over 30 leads, only one has produced anything. (and that job was for a service we do not provide) What I’m getting mostly are tire kickers who are searching for the cheapest work possible. It also seems very suspicious that most people don’t have anywhere close to the amount of money on hand to do the project. One guy wanted his entire back yard terraced and only had 3k to spend. I’m not exactly happy with them and am considering dropping the service.

Hello every one I am a Contractor and signed up to this site morning of 4/12/13 and they call me at 7:30 am that’s early. Also the suport guy said that he wanted my info of my bank account and SSN that is not right. I thought it was going to be ok but then later in the day they sent me a lead on a customer and when I called they did not answer: the first time they did not answer then the second time they answered and some how did not hear me then the third time did… Read more »

Hi John –

I am sorry to hear about your concerns with the leads. We do offer lead replacements and you can enter them in for review either online or by calling our customer service center. I have sent your information over to an account specialist to follow up with you today.

Thank you,

Mandy Black


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