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I purchased a 60 inch television and a 5 year warranty from hhgregg 1/31/10, and 10/3/10 my television screen didn’t come on so I called the warranty department to schedule an appointment. The warranty department sent a company called Electra Sound to my home and they fixed the television. About 2-6 months after that incident the TV was shutting off by itself, we had to unplug the TV. This went on for about a week so I call the warranty department again and they sent out the same company to my home.

The technician plugged a chip into the TV to upgrade it and vacuumed the TV out from dust and the TV started working again.

Within a 6 months range the TV started doing the same thing cutting off and not coming on when we turned it on, so I called the warranty department again, now this is my 3rd call for a TV that is not 2 years old as of yet. The warranty department sent out the same company (Electra Sound) to fix the TV again, and this time from leaving the TV off all weekend, when the technician can he put a chip in the TV to upgrade it and vacuumed it out again, and after that the TV was working again.

The TV worked until Last week. I called the warranty department for hhgregg so the set up as appointment with me with the same company (Electra Sound) to come out to look at the TV. Well Electra Sound called me Tuesday, August 6, 2013 to set up an appointment for Wednesday, August 7, 2013 with the time frame from 8am – 12 noon. so I was okay with that, well Tuesday came and I’m waiting around the house so I called Electra Sound and I asked what time was the technician coming for the service call and they told me that the appointment was scheduled for Wednesday with the same time frame.

I then called the warranty department for hhgregg and they told me that Electra Sound should have called me when they changed the date and I told hhgregg customer service person that they didn’t and I took off work just for this to be done. Then while on the phone with customer service I asked about a replacement TV and the customer service told me that the only way that I could get a replacement was if I called about the same thing 3 time in a row. I then told him to look at my call record and he did, so he put in a request for me to get a replacement TV from hhgregg, and he told me that it would take up to 3 days for the results.

Well today is Thursday, August 8, 2013 and Electra Sound called me to tell me that the warranty company told them that the picture bulb is not covered in the warranty and that I would have to pay for the parts and labor $190.00 and for me to call hhgregg to ask them questions, so I did.

When I called I talked to someone that was named Amanda and she stated that she was a supervisor and that Electra Sound had diagnosed my TV and stated that it was the bulb and that it wasn’t covered under my warranty, I then asked her how could they make that type of diagnostic without coming into my home not looking at my TV. Amanda then stated that this was their expertise and they could do that, I then told her that it was impossible for anybody to do that without actually physically look at the TV. Amanda then stated that Electra Sound knew what they were doing, and they could do that. I then asked Amanda if she could sent another company out to look at my TV and she told me no. I then informed her that I was going to do a complaint on the Better Business Bureau and she told me to go right ahead and do that, I then told her that was going to file a class action lawsuit against the warranty department for fraud, and she gave me the legal department address. So I hung the phone up.

I then called back and talked to another customer service personnel and he rescheduled another appointment for Monday, August 12, 2013. I feel that hhgregg is giving me the run around about this defective TV and they won’t honor their own policy about the replacement of this defective TV

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