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I recently saw an add pertaining to a 55″ LED TV for $399.00 starting at 8pm on Thanksgiving day. I visited the Wellington, FL branch and stood in line for 1.5 hours. One of the representatives was nice enough to give me an advertisement paper showing all the sales while I waited. Thought that was pretty good business.

The doors opened shortly after 8pm. I walked to the TV center and was able to locate the $399.00 advertised 55″ LED TV with no problem.

I then took the TV to the register line and while I was waiting in line to pay for the TV, one of the representative asked me if I had a “Gold Ticket”. I replied with “what Gold ticket”? He stated this TV was reserved for Gold Ticket holders that was handed out earlier in the morning. The problem is No where in the TV add or handout that I have states anything about only can buy with a Gold ticket in hand. I spoke to the manager there and he stated this was their policy and he had to follow the rules. I pointed out that no where in the advertisements does it disclose this key point of communication. The manager could only say “I’m sorry”.

I left without making a fuss in front of all the people. I know if I where on the board and heard about this complaint i would investigate why this happened in order to mitigate future sales, as I do not plan to provide sales to a non-ethical company. I would like to understand why this disclosure was not communicated upfront? Feel I’m owed that for my wasted time standing in line.

Please call me anytime…I left my phone number at the beginning of this process.

Thank you… Tim

hhgregg in Wellington Florida

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