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Over 5 years ago I bought a timeshare with Pacific Monarch Grand Vacations. The personnel in the corporate office were just horrible and I had so many fights with them regarding my account. I finally managed to get my PMGV account closed (at least I thought so) 5 years ago. I have had no contact with them by phone, mail, email, collections notices nothing. They aren’t even listed on my credit report anywhere. I received a notice of reassignment in the mail in November 2012 stating that Diamond resorts was buying PMGV.

I then called Pacific Monarch to find out how this was going to affect me. “Do nothing, I was told by Tracy. “Our computer system shows you are protected by bankruptcy, Do nothing, we will pass the information along to Diamond Resorts, I PROMISE.” Well, I don’t really care how PMGV chose to deal with my account as long as I wasn’t being effected by negatively. So if they wanted to handle it by claiming bankruptcy fine with me. However, Pacific Monarch never passed on the information to Diamond Resorts and now DRI is sending me billing statements and charging me interest even though they can see that my account has been sitting stagnant for 5 years. THEY TOLD ME SO. But, they refuse to just close the account and let things be.

They are saying that I owe over 10,000 dollars for my mortgage. I have tried explaining to them the situation. They don’t care. I have told them I have a potential buyer for the timeshare but can only get around 7,000 for it, would they accept that and just write off the rest and close my account. They said, “NO it is not our policy and besides it is not yours to sell, you don’t own the deed. You won’t own the deed until the account is paid off in full” (this was Ricky a supervisor in the collections department).

So, I am being forced to either pay off this mortgage to them (which I don’t want and as far as I knew was closed by Pacific Monarch 5 years earlier) OR not pay them, deal with the collection calls and allow it to hit my credit in the negative. I haven’t spent the past 3 years trying to fix my credit to allow a business to ruin it just because they can. So, I am being held hostage by a timeshare that I don’t want, have never used, will never use, and thought was closed 5 years earlier.

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