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About a month ago, I went to my foot Dr. for a prescription for new inserts and new shoes.  I went across the street to Hanger Inc. and ordered them. As he was filling my order, he said break them in and if you have a problem let me know and I will fix it.

Today I went back to Hanger and told them the Inserts were not right and the shoes were too big. I took a copy of the Pres. and the inserts back across the street to the Dr and he said they did not fill the Pres to his specifications. When I went back to Hanger, they were very rude to me and I was informed he was using his lunch hour to wait on me. He said he couldn’t do anything about the shoes, BECAUSE, I had worn them and if I left the inserts he would fix them. What good are the inserts if the shoes are too big .

I paid him my 20% co-pay and he received the rest from my insurance Co. This is the third pair of shoes I have purchased from them and they were all 8 and1/2. Now he tells me I take a 9 and 1/2?  I am going to call the insurance Co. tomorrow to see if they can help me.

I am 80 yrs old, and I certainly know what size shoes I wear.

Thank you P.S. I am a diabetic and my ins will only pay for one pair of shoes a year ..

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