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I purchased a NEW 2003 Hummer H2, that I’ve been trying to give back to the manufacturer, One month after having purchased the Truck in 2003.

The truck stared leaking water along with other problems in 2003. I took the truck to the Hummer Dealership, they said they fixed the problems. The problems re-occurred
after one month of use in 2003. I have constantly had problems out of this vehicle. This has been a TEN year headache.

I called GM’S home office several times in 2003, 2004, and 2005. NOTHINGING!  ALL TALK!

The Driver’s Side Window, the Speedometer and the Odometer don’t work! The Truck is leaking water from the roof in two separate places! The Suspension, Hood, Hatchback Door, Brakes, Weatherstripping around the Door, Radio, Air Conditioner, the SIde Mirrors, and Window Motor don’t work!!! The list goes on and on.

They don’t even make that model of Hummer anymore. I WONDER WHY????

It would be different, If I was complaining a year after having the truck. I have called GM’s Home Office at least TEN TIMES after only having the truck less than 30 days!!!

The three excursions that was (Promised) to occur each year, never happened.


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