GAS SPILL; should of been marked “OUT OF ORDER” - Shell

Branch / Location of Complaint: Shell Gasoline Station: FLYERS 223
Address: 2023 W Mettler FR RD Bakersfield, California 93313

Was filling up a 3/4 already full tank of gas at the Shell Station, 2023 W. Mettler Fr Road, Bakersfield, CA 93313 on Thurs the 27th of December approximately 2:45pm. I was waiting nearby for a person that was an hour away and decided to go ahead and fill up since 166 West is so desolate and I had time. As I was filling the tank I noticed how slow the meter was clicking at one cent a second. I thought well hum as we were waiting and waiting and only needed 1/4 of a tank. It was so slow that I decided to go in and get a few snacks.

While in the store a man comes running in and says a pump is overflowing. I was at the checkout register as he was telling the cashier that the gasoline was running out of a tank.As I looked outside to see my car overflowing, I ran outside as it never clicked off. I cant remember ever leaving a pump before my gas was done but then I’ve never encountered a pump that was as slow. I have been pumping gas for 47yrs and never had a pump that did not shut off. As I went in to finish my transaction A lady of color (whom I did not get her name, yet was the most helpful. Gave me names and a ticket with the store info on it) at the register said: ” WE HAD A GUY OUT HERE LAST WEEK TO LOOK AT THAT PUMP AND IT IS STILL NOT WORKING RIGHT”. I said well at least they could give me a free drink for all the gas everywhere not to mention the danger. She pointed out the manager or whom was in charge (she said his name was Jason and another man whom was helping Jason was named Trey) that was already out cleaning up the mess.

As I spoke with him he pointed to the sign and said, that is why u don’t leave your car unattended and took no responsibility for his pump not working properly or anything at all. His attitude floored me and is why I feel it necessary to speak out!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He refused to give me back the money for the over spilled gas and really did not communicate at all. His attitude was he did not care at all about what transpired. The pump should have been marked” OUT OF ORDER”. I am still upset at Jason’s attitude.
I smelled gasoline for two hours on the ride home.

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