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I found out only 3 weeks ago that Dish Network has somehow been charging my credit cards for over 1000 dollars for **** that someone has called in and ordered. NO ONE in my household has called to order this junk. Dish says “how can we believe you”. I have checked all my phone number records and there is not one call made from any of the 5 phone numbers (4 cell and 1 land line) that we have ordered or watched this crape.

Dish is refusing to refund the money except for 10 dollars a month for 6 months (total of 60 dollars). I have filed fraud charges with the credit cards that was used for pay for this junk. I then, 1 week later, found out that my computer had been hacked and had a major virus (NORAD virus). That cost me 190 dollars to have it cleaned off.

I feel that dish should prove that we made these calls and watched the stupid stuff. Dish tells me that when you order paid for view TV you call in and talk to a computer, tell them what channel you want and to put it on a credit card. We have since ordered new credit cards.

Also when I ordered Dish in May of 2012, I was never told that there was a 2 year contract and that they had fix the problem that satellite TV goes out.

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