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After ordering a dress on, I lost the password I used, so I had an order number contacted them to see if the dress was ordered< However, they said they could not locate this order number and the order number did not appear in their system, and try to re-order they could tell that dress would not come.

To my surprise after re-ordering the first dress shows up on my door step with an additional shipping fee by UPS.

I immediately call and try to cancel my order, they said no or I would only get a small part of the $186.00 dollars back.

I try on the first dress which will need to taken to a dress tailor to have some minor issues repaired. What I can not believe is how they can say it did not appear to be a current order number in their system and it still arrived. They have an excuse for everything and will not ever follow up with their policies, that are stated on the computer.

They are just thieves!

The dress is nice, for an internet order, just makes me mad that I would not have had a complaint if they would have told me my order number was in process. I feel like they did it so I would be forced to order twice to get twice the business.

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